Back in December 2021, when Dark Frontiers sold its first collection of suits, ranging from Alpha, to Beta, to Gamma, all buyers were aware of was that those NFTs would allow them to play the game and that Gamma suits possessed unlimited oxygen and granted more playtime than an Alpha or Beta suit.

Then we launched the initiative that allowed space suit owners to stake their NFTs for 30 days in exchange for the S50 Defender pistol NFT.

Now the devs have added abilities to NFTs.

These abilities will vary in quantity and quality depending on the tier of the NFTs:

  • Alpha tier suits will gain one ability
  • Beta tier suits will gain two abilities
  • Gamma tier suits will gain three abilities

The quality of these abilities will also be influenced by the tier, and Gamma tier suits are most likely to possess higher tier abilities than the Alpha or Beta NFTs.

Some examples of abilities that NFTs, both suits and equipment, will have are divided in active and passive powers, and include, but are definitely not limited, to:

  • Passive: 30% Quicker reloads
  • Passive: Running speed +10%
  • Passive: Enemy killed restores some stamina
  • Passive: Chance to apply bleed/poison/fire damage on attack
  • Passive: Gain a 20% movement speed boost for 5 seconds after each kill for 5 seconds
  • Active: Apply poison to melee weapon
  • Active: Protective shield that absorbs some damage
  • Active: Quick heal
  • Active: Party heal
  • Active: Pistol burst fire mode
  • Active: Shotguns knock enemies back
  • Active: Lifesteal
  • Active: Temporary invisibility

The Alpha, Beta, and Gamma suits are now sold out and are only available on the secondary market now.

But less powerful, but equally viable suits are going to be offered for sale in order to allow anyone who wants to play Dark Frontiers a good chance.

Stay tuned for more, as we will be keeping you updated on all things DF as the devs keep implementing them and we draw closer from our pre-alpha stage to alpha!