Dark Frontiers recently hosted an AMA on Twitter Spaces. During the discussion, the Dark Frontiers team discussed multiple aspects of the game’s development and hosted an AMA with the listener.

Present to reply to the most pressing questions of Dark Frontiers fans were members of Gamestarter and Dark Frontiers representatives:

Tadas, Marketing for GS Studio, Justin, Lead Game Designer, Sasalau, Community Manager, and our host Joe, Head of Communication at Gamestarter.

You can listen to the Dark Frontiers discussion and AMA here.

This is a recap of the event:

Part 1 — Progress so far

Sasalau: What has Dark Frontiers been up to since the last streamathon? Any behind-the-scenes info or recent development updates?

Tadas: In terms of maturity, the game has come a long way since the streamathon event. Although the game’s art direction has remained the same, the game’s design in this work-in-progress build has progressed significantly 一 we’ve redesigned Alien NPCs to be scarier, made the game more vibrant and overall more interesting.

In addition to a new area that we’ve teased a little bit already, there are several new types of resources and NFT tools to harvest those resources.

Justin: I’d like to reemphasize how crucial it is for the team to create Dark Frontiers in conjunction with players. We pay close attention to player feedback and use this data to redirect the numerous tweaks made to the game.

Tadas: We’re also working on preview videos showcasing all the new features incorporated thus far.

Part 2 — Roadmap Progress

Joe: I’m glad to hear it. I always admired how beautiful each scene was and how intuitive the gameplay was in the original game. So hearing about all the new and improved visuals and redesigns is more than exciting to me.

Can you guys talk a little bit about the roadmap? What content is being developed, and what timelines should players expect?

Justin: We can confidently say that we have accomplished most of our goals for the Q3 period. Just a few minor details left to finish until the end of Q3.

We wanted to ensure that our game areas were distinctive from one another when players visited them. Like other MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft, we went with a more mainstream design — of course, we will tie our expanded narrative to it.

To create distinct biomes, each zone has a unique ambiance. We’ve also increased the complexity and added more detail to our biomes, enemies, quests, levels, and resources.

As requested from community feedback, players will be able to use their crafting abilities to customize their armor sets with options from torso, helmets, boots, gloves, and trinkets. There will be over 100 levels of customizable equipment, which players can wear on top of the player’s spacesuits.

Part 3 — Suit Owners Play Testing

Sasalau: One aspect of the new roadmap the community is excited about is exclusive early access for suit owners. Can you guys elaborate on this?

Tadas: We allowed our community members to playtest the exact version of the game the influencers played. No other crypto game has offered such an interactive, hands-on experience. We read all the community feedback and suggestions and this will remain the same going forward.

We know the community has been waiting for more features but preparing a build takes time — even in the pre-alpha, it’s important to develop stable builds before releasing features. The next limited-time playtest is planned for this Fall and more players will be able to join at this time.

Part 4 — PVP

Sasalau: Would you guys mind sharing anything about the PvP mode and how that will work?

Justin: Yes. We plan to develop PVP mode in Q4 of this year. We also intend to include various PvP alternatives, for example, the traditional fighting arena mode where players are matched with other players in counter-strike-like situations like versus, i.e., 1v1, 3v3, 5v5, and more.

Dark Frontiers will also have time-limited events, in which winners receive bonuses and outpost sieges featuring player matches with unlimited players joining, trying to siege each other’s bases. But that’s not all — the game is connected to the crime and jail system. Players who kill other players in the open world will be labeled as outlaws, and bounties will be placed on their heads.

All players need to do is access the map areas where PvP mode will be available.

Part 5 — Other updates

Joe: We have a good sense of how things are shaping up on the Dark Frontiers.

Is there anything else you guys wanted to share with the community before we wrap things up?

Tadas: Just one more thing. We are also working on an updated website design. Once that is live, we will move on to updating the dashboard with new highly requested features and a redesign.

Part 6 — AMA questions

Joe: Will early investors have privileges for playtesting the closed alpha?

Tadas: Yes. Think about how many crypto or traditional games offer the chance to play and shape the game before even launching. But, of course, no one is obligated to participate in the pre-alphas. Still, if you are passionate about the project, this allows you to participate in the game’s development by giving your feedback and suggestions.

Sasalau: What advantages will land owners have inside the game?

Tadas: First, land owners are already entitled to $Dark rewards. Furthermore, because lands are integrated into the game, owners will be able to farm for resources, build their own base or possibly even build their own spaceship. Important to mention is these specific features are still further down the planned roadmap because the team is looking to perfect the game’s core elements first.

Joe: How many players will the servers be able to support at any one given time?

Justin: Great question. We have servers in Europe and North America and are looking to add more in Asia soon. We’re scaling up our handling capabilities and monitoring how well our servers are doing with the playtests, which we expect will grow by player numbers soon.

We’re looking to host anywhere from 100 to 500 players. We’re waiting to finalize the level design for our diverse Lunar areas so that we can implement heat maps to detect where a lot of players are located.

Joe: Dark Frontiers is already excelling in weapon design. Will more weapons and item NFTs be added in the future?

Justin: Yes. The team first focused on weapon balancing to ensure players feel that each weapon feels and behaves differently. In addition, we will add more weapons along the way. So far, we have added new tools for resource extraction, some of which can be used against enemies. Crafting will also allow gamers to customize, upgrade and load their weapons according to their preferences.

Joe: I love to hear it. Considering how much work your team is putting into the ecosystem, it’s comforting to know Dark Frontiers is here for the long run.