How’s your summer going? Here at Gamestarter we’ve been really busy working on Dark Frontiers and have taken all your comments, made after the streamathon, to heart!

We have some exciting news from the Dark Frontiers development team to share with you, as we carry on adhering to the roadmap we have laid before us.

This development update is for the 2 months of June and July. And, as you can see, a lot has been implemented:

  • New tools and animations for resource gathering added! Metal Melting Laser (careful, don’t use it against enemy NPCs), Syringe for Plant Extraction, Gas Collector.
  • Short Cinematic Teaser Trailer.

  • Dynamic sky and weather. Dark Frontiers are not so dark anymore. Now you can experience different biomes on Luna in their full uniqueness with day, night, morning and evening cycles of celestial bodies moving around the Moon.
  • New and improved lightning system.
  • A whole new cast of enemy NPCs for different biomes — 2 new enemies in The Pole, 2 new enemies in Gore, 1 new enemy in Lunar Dunes, and 2 new enemies in The Jungle areas.
  • A bunch of newly remade player animations for equipment and movement.
  • Chance to play Pre-Alpha for randomly selected community members.
  • New sets of equipable items (helmets, backpacks, spacesuits, boots, gloves, trinkets) in the works!
  • New audio themes for different map areas, fresh and unheard NPC sounds.
  • Consumable items are finally here! Wish you could heal your wounds, sprint longer, have damage boosts? Well, now you can!
  • Lore expansion for items, resources and game world.
  • UI update.
  • New icons and assets for resources and consumables.
  • UX improvements based on community feedback
  • New mechanics and animations for melee weapons
  • Redesign of existing map areas (sculpting + set dressing)
  • New quest mechanics

The Dark Frontiers development team is continuing to follow the roadmap, and we can happily say that we’re right on track!

We’ll be expanding on all the points listed above and will provide you with another update as soon as more substantial changes are made to the core gameplay mechanics.