The Dark Frontiers development team has been hard at work to meet our goals for Q3 since the last development update. With Q3 finished, we are now heading into Q4, so let’s take a look and see what new features have been added to the game and what’s next on the horizon!

Watch this video for a showcase of the new features:

World & NPCs

  • Expanded our game world size, together with increased attention to detail (set dressing, new area assets, and resources)
  • New lighting and weather systems with dynamic day/night cycles added
  • Modeling, texturing, rigging and animating our set of base enemy NPCs for different map areas (5 Ice, 5 Gore, 5 Mold, 2 Robot enemy NPCs with desert enemies still in the production pipeline). Later levels and slight enemy model modifications will be added for increased variety and reusability
  • Interaction with world objects (for quests, moving platforms, doors, boxes, etc.) added

Player & Items

  • New equipable item NFTs for new resource extraction and skills were integrated with the blockchain
  • 9 New armor sets, with 5 items each, and 3 colors = >100 possible combinations for greater player customization (torso + legs, helmets, backpacks, boots, gloves, trinkets) are nearing the end of their sculpting process
  • Added 30+ different player item abilities (Apply status effect, invisibility, heal party, lifesteal, etc.)
  • Improved player animations
  • Item stats were introduced


  • Party system and chat communication channels were added.
  • Test version of Dark Frontiers launcher was created and released for internal use.
  • Status effects (buffs and debuffs)

Overall the Dark Frontiers development team is quite happy with reaching ~90% of our aimed Q3 goals. Alongside that, the Dark Frontiers website + dashboard update has also continued in development.

The development team is now moving towards PVP content and activities, another game world update and expansion, lore and quest update/rewrite and implementation, in-game area bosses with unique combat mechanics and another round of community (suit holders and influencers) playtests.