Happy holiday season Astronauts! Luna is looking pretty this time of the year ;). The Dark Frontiers team has been hard at work to meet our goals for Q4 since the last development update. With the year-end fast approaching, we are setting our aims towards 2023 and the exciting journey ahead that awaits. So let’s take a look and see what new features have been added to the game in the last 3 months and what’s next on the horizon!

Updates From Outside of the Game

  • Hosted Another successful playtest. This time exclusive to contest winners and active DF community members
  • New server location in South-East Asia opened
  • New DF website and dashboard in development
  • Intro cinematic for the game

Game Mechanics

  • PVP — implemented an open world PVP zone and Melee combat PVP
  • Implemented Non-NFT item crafting system + recipes
  • 200+ new items + icons added to the game for crafting
  • Physics update

World and NPCs

  • 4 new enemies (models, textures, animations) for Desert area
  • Updates to current Enemies (system, animations, drops)
  • Water + swimming functionality included to the game

  • Level design V2 + resources upgrade
  • New assets + textures added to the game

UI/UX Improvements

  • Improved player animations, status effects (buffs, debuffs), item stats

Currently in Development

  • Preparations for January Playtest
  • Arena PVP mode
  • Quest content
  • New Locations
  • UI/HUD Improvements
  • Balancing of the game
  • Quality of life updates