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Dark Frontiers Discord Town Hall Recap

Yesterday the Dark Frontiers team gathered once again for a Discord AMA and Town Hall, bringing the community up to speed on the latest developments of Dark Frontiers and beyond!

What’s New

As Dark Frontiers approaches its final development stages, the development team has been working hard on finishing touches of the game, ironing out bugs, and polishing the game. All of this is to insure a smooth experience for the full launch of the game.

We’ve also been planning PVP Tournaments with guest communities, and we already have multiple communities interested and planned to host their own tournaments in the Dark Frontiers PVP Arena. Our main goal with this is of course to bring exposure to DF to various new communities and users. The Dark Frontiers community will be able to participate in these tournaments as well, but they will have to register in these tournaments through the guest community channels, which may differ depending on the community and tournament.

Another important update was regarding various video footage and marketing updates. The massive cinematic trailer is approaching its final stages, waiting for final SFX and sound design elements. Gameplay trailers and the 12th development update is also underway!

And the team wanted to give a special thanks to community members that participated in a recent PVP test, helping the development team confirm the elimination of a very specific PVP bug.

What’s Next

Among the things to look forward to next, the team talked about the Loot Crate Contents Reveal and Airdrop as well as the free NFT claim for Binance NFT spacesuits, that should be coming to Holders soon.

The development team was also happy to let everyone know, that the Mac Build is almost ready for public release for the PVP mode, anticipating the public download for the Mac Launcher of the game going live soon.

As we’re entering the final stages of development, once the team testing is finalised we will open up early access testing to the community with the launch of the game following this test. Tokenomics are also being prepared and formatted on our website to be revealed to the community.

And finally the team has announced a developer gameplay Stream of the pen world section of the game planned for next week. So be sure to keep your eyes on our channels like Twitter, Telegram and Discord for announcements.


The following section covers questions asked by the community during or before the Town Hall.

1. When will the first basic buildings and vehicles be in the game?

All the planned buildings are already in the game. As for vehicles they were never planned for the launch of the game, as the map has been designed with travelling on foot in mind. New planets might differ, but Luna won’t have vehicles.

2. Will tokenomics change as the game progresses?  

Of course. As new features and content is added, it is imperative that tokenomics also change to reflect the new additions.

3. Will there be a stress test before the release of the full version of the game?

Yes, we plan a short test for the community before the full launch with blockchain integration.

4. What is the next step after the game is released?  

We’ll firstly be focused on expanding the current world that we have, with new content updates and events, before moving on to major updates like a new planet.

5. Do you plan to expand your team of developers and marketers to become larger?

Yes, we’re always expanding all of our teams as the need arises, especially since Dark Frontiers isn’t our only project.

6. Are the most important events for the game happening now, or will they happen later with the appearance of new planets? Will this marketing be stronger than subsequent ones, or will marketing peak in 2025/2026?

While the launch of the game is of course a very important event, it’s not the finality of major events. We anticipate that with each major update to the game, major marketing pushes, the bigger and more impactful the update, the bigger the push.

7. Will the lands be useful after the launch, which is planned at the end of the quarter, or is the functionality of the lands still in development and will be released later?

Yes Lands will have the use in Guilds and providing owners with passive resources that they can then use, trade or sell. But this feature might be available in a post launch update or dashboard update, rather than the full launch.

8. How much land is left?

There’s 1700 Land left, you can always check the supply on BSCscan.

12. When are you planning to list on new exchanges? Before the full version launches or after?

Due to the nature of listing on exchanges, we can’t really reveal anything about listing on certain exchanges before actually being listed, however the team is always looking into more options regarding listing $DAKR on more exchanges.

13. Will staking be implemented and if so, when? With the release of the full version or later?

Yes later among a host of other features as well, like suit renting.

14. Will 2 versions of the game be released at once: for MacOS and for Windows?

Yes we are aiming for that. We already have the Mac Build ready for PVP mode which should be available to the public soon.

Thank you everyone who tuned in to our Town Hall on Discord and asked your questions, and as always, we’ll see you - on the moon. And until then be sure to join our Discord to not miss the next Town Hall or Gameplay Stream.

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