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Dark Frontiers Loot Crate Contents Reveal

With countless players now holding Dark Frontiers Loot Crates, the time has come to peel back the curtain and reveal the contents locked within these digital treasures.

Not every Loot Crate is the same, however. Each one possesses the potential to contain coveted NFTs from one of these distinct categories. These NFTs bring a rich diversity to the MMORPG experience and will shape their journey through the immersive landscapes of Dark Frontiers.

  • 25% of Loot Crates contain NFT Weapons
  • 25% of Loot Crates contain NFT Tools
  • 25% of Loot Crates contain Unique in-game NFT items
  • 25% of Loot Crates contain $DARK tokens

NFT Weapons

The first category of Loot Crate items is NFT Weapons, where holders can unearth powerful weapons such as the S05 Defender Pistol, LZR Rifle, SG20 Blaster Shotgun, or the formidable SEAX Blade. These weapons aren't mere digital armaments; they are unique and give players distinct playstyles and strategic advantages.

What sets these weapons apart is the inclusion of 1 of 49 random passive or active abilities, ensuring that each item is a bespoke addition to a player's arsenal.

In the unforgiving landscapes of Dark Frontiers, these weapons become indispensable tools for survival, shaping the outcome of quests, PvP battles, exploration, and alien encounters.

NFT Tools

Dark Frontiers' Loot Crates harbor a second category, containing NFT Tools that are essential for navigating the game's diverse biomes.

Whether it's the Alucard Biofluid Sampler, Cyclone Gas Extractor, OreTek Pickaxe, or OreTek Rayminer, each tool is tailored for harvesting unique zone resources found in the five distinct biomes of the game.

Resources, pivotal to a player's progression, can be sold, traded, to either players or NPCs, or refined and then crafted into NFT equipment, offering a dynamic economy within the game. These tools not only facilitate resource gathering but also open doors to crafting possibilities, enhancing the immersive nature of Dark Frontiers.

Unique In-Game NFT Items

Beyond spacesuits, weapons, and tools, Dark Frontiers has a category of Unique In-Game NFT Items, designed to elevate a player's stats and abilities. Equipping these can enhance a player's power, defense, mobility, and survivability,  providing a competitive edge in battles and quests.

$DARK Utility

At the heart of Dark Frontiers' economic ecosystem lies - $DARK. Vital for all NFT-related activities such as crafting, upgrading, and merging, $DARK ensures a seamless and dynamic in-game experience. From spacesuits to resource-gathering tools and an array of weapons, every item in Dark Frontiers is an NFT with unique stats and random abilities, offering players the freedom to experiment with different builds and playstyles.

As Loot Crate holders embark on the journey of unlocking the mysteries within their Loot Crates, the diversity within each category ensures that no two players will tread the same path. While the contents of each Loot Crate are indeed unique, the overarching categories contribute their distinct advantages to those fortunate enough to hold these digital treasures.

Loot Crate holders will be able to reap the benefits of these NFTs fully with the full launch of the game, including all the MMORPG features: expansive and immersive open world, gripping story and side quests, major guild PVP sieges, and more!

You can start preparing right now, by signing up and downloading the PVP mode of Dark Frontiers here.

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