Last week we started the Dark Frontiers lore competition, a chance for our community to flex their creative muscles and submit lore pieces that you think would fit in the Dark Frontiers universe.

We received many wonderful submissions from all of you, but there can only be three winners, so without further ado here are the winning submissions!

First Place: Clan Confrontation (beginning) by                          @alex_dwine (Telegram)

Initially, the Dark Frontiers corporation was a strong and united team consisting of soldiers, mechanics, scientists, miners and many more talented people with special skills.  They were all inspired and united by one main goal - to find a planet suitable for life and revive humanity.  

During long research, 2 potentially habitable planets were selected, but the path to them was too far, so it was decided to locate a temporary base on a mysterious planet that looked like the Moon.  First, the first three reconnaissance teams were sent and once the team was convinced that everything was in order, the remaining members of the mission landed.  Captain Eric Dixon was determined to develop this planet and soon the first outpost was built, equipped with everything necessary: ​​a workshop, a weapons room, a biological laboratory, a communications point and even a bar.  

The mission members suspected that the Moon was inhabited, so they were prepared for unfriendly aliens.  Captain Eric and his brave team explored most of the planet, fighting their inhabitants and finding rare and precious resources that were necessary to improve equipment and life in general.  But the main resource, of course, was algae, which, when processed, provided oxygen, which was the main source of life.

During the next expedition, Captain Eric's comrade named Dave reported that during solo trips he found water and a lot of vegetation.  This could be an ideal place to establish a new outpost.  

A few years later, a new outpost was built and a tunnel was built between it and the old outpost and a subway was launched.  Once a week, vital resources such as water and food were transferred from the new outpost to the old outpost, and in return they received weapons.  Captain Eric remained at the head of the old outpost all this time and was a true leader surrounded by loyal people.  He cared about every member of his team, while Dave became a greedy egoist who considered himself the owner of all resources. He believed that only he had the right to decide who would get how much food and oxygen, so he came up with a distribution system: Alpha/Betta/Gamma, according to which Alpha received the least amount of resources.  

Very quickly, Dave began to go crazy with his power and decided to blow up the tunnel that connected the two outposts and cut off the supply of the other members of the mission who were once his comrades.  Captain Eric found out about Dave's plans and decided to prevent this genocide, but it was too late... The tunnel was blown up in several places and completely blocked the safe route under the metro.  Now the captain had only one way - to walk along the surface, overcoming obstacles and fighting monsters.  Thus began the war of clans for resources and survival on this hostile planet.

Second Place: Terraforming Dreams by                          @masyokdrops (Twitter)

In the shadowy expanse of lunar desolation, beneath the watchful eye of the enigmatic Dark Frontiers Corporation, a daring project known as "Terraforming Dreams" unfolds. This ambitious endeavor seeks to reshape Luna's unforgiving landscape into a thriving haven for humanity, while navigating the treacherous biomes that have cropped up.  

The Luna Colonists, equipped with their trusty spacesuits, are the pioneers of this new world. Armed with grit and blaster fire, they work tirelessly to carve out a sustainable existence, enduring not only the harsh lunar environment but also the ever-present threat of genetically-engineered aliens.  

One such menace is the Vorenoid, a parasitic nightmare that preys upon the unwary, luring victims with its semi-rigid tongues. Then there's the Aichmar, a swift and lethal flying predator, driven into a frenzy by the scent of blood. Milliap, a many-legged desert-dweller, lurks beneath the lunar sands, waiting to ambush unsuspecting prey.  

The Thrunn, with its thick bones and armoured plates, stands as a biological tank, fiercely territorial and equipped to crush any intruders. On the other end of the spectrum, the lumbering behemoth, Mantisaur, uses brute force to subdue its prey.  

In this lunar frontier, even the robotic Arion XV plays a role, patrolling unpredictably and firing laser beams at perceived threats. Gylliack, swift and lethal, skitters across the sand, its every part a deadly weapon.  

Yet, amid the danger, there's the curious Vignat, a plant-like entity spreading its seeds and protecting areas it inhabits. It may lack raw power but injects psychoactive compounds into its adversaries, causing confusion and chaos. And then there's the Aagrali, a relentless monstrosity with rapid regenerative capabilities, driven by an insatiable appetite.  

As the Dark Frontiers Corporation strives to turn Luna into a habitable realm, the Terraforming Dreams project pushes forward, embracing the challenge of making a new home amidst the alien and perilous biomes of this lunar landscape.

Third Place: Ancient Alien Robot by                          @HankaMee3579 (Twitter)

Deep beneath the lunar surface, in a vast and forgotten biome, lies an ancient alien robot. It is a marvel of engineering, its sleek metallic body encasing a complex network of circuitry and machinery. The robot is believed to be millions of years old, and its origins are shrouded in mystery.  

Some scientists believe that the robot was created by an advanced alien civilization that once visited Earth. Others believe that the robot may have been built by the ancient Lunarians, a race of beings that is said to have once inhabited the Moon.  

Whatever its origins, the ancient alien robot is a testament to the advanced technology of its creators. It is equipped with a variety of sophisticated features, including:  

  • Self-repairing systems: The robot can automatically repair any damage it sustains.
  • Advanced artificial intelligence: The robot is capable of independent thought and action.
  • Interstellar travel: The robot is equipped with a powerful propulsion system that allows it to travel through space.

The ancient alien robot has been dormant for millions of years, but some scientists believe that it may still be active. They speculate that the robot may be waiting for a specific signal or event before it awakens.  

Others believe that the robot may have been activated by the recent increase in human activity on the Moon. They worry that the robot may be hostile, and that it could pose a threat to humanity.  

Only time will tell what the true purpose of the ancient alien robot is. But one thing is for sure: it is a powerful and enigmatic machine that holds the secrets of an ancient and advanced civilization.