Greetings, space explorers! Once more, we gather to review the key updates and events from the previous month. In August, Dark Frontiers had a host of exciting activities, including an appearance on Gamestarters Blockchain Powerhouses Twitter Space, the release of the Dark Frontiers Telegram Chat AI, a preview of a fearsome-looking alien, and a sneak peek of the new spacesuits. Let's explore the highlights of August!  

Blockchain Powerhouses Twitter Space

At the start of August, we ventured into the dynamic world of Web3 Gaming in Gamestarters Twitter Space, "Blockchain Gaming Powerhouses" alongside other special guests: DappRadar, BigTime, Star Atlas, Basketballverse, and Blockchainboy.

Our discussions spanned a range of pressing topics in the Web3 Gaming sphere. With insights from Dark Frontiers and the guests, we delved deep into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

If you’d like to listen to the whole space you can do so here!

Dark Frontiers Telegram Chat AI

In August, we also launched the Dark Frontiers Telegram Chat AI - CH4-TY! While the AI was accurate it could still make mistakes. So we needed your help to improve it! As it took its first steps, our community was essential in helping it learn and grow as the Dark Frontiers encyclopedia. We held a special event to encourage the community to interact with the AI and got a lot of useful information from your participation.

As the AI continues to improve, we have plans to integrate it into the game itself!

Thrunn Alien Preview

Our community also goes to see a brand new preview of an already existing alien - Thrunn. Thrunn is a large and tall alien creature with thick bones and armored plates that make it essentially a  biological tank. And while not carnivorous, the Thrunn is intensely territorial, its jaws designed to crush hard crystals will make short work of most defenses.

Sneak Peek of New Spacesuits

At the very end of the month, we revealed a video showcasing some of our brand-new suits that will be available to our players sometime in the future. Not only does each suit have its very own look and feel, but they also are designed specifically for different tasks. While one is very handy for mining crystals on the moon, another is perfect for taking large amounts of damage from enemies. Not a fan of those? Well, there’s a host of other suits to discover too, like a suit that is equipped to be the deadliest melee astronaut or one specifically designed to increase the amount of resources you can harvest and carry.