Attention all space explorers, this is an update you won’t want to miss!

We’re coming to you from mission control recapping the most exciting news about what our team has been up to. Over the past month, our team has accomplished some great things! Let’s peep at the incredible feats of our squad from February.

Marketplace Fee Burn

Near the beginning of the month, we burned all the $DARK that was collected from the Dark Frontiers marketplace fees!

Now, you might be wondering, “what exactly does that mean?” Well, let us explain. When we say we’ve burned $DARK, we mean that we’ve removed it from circulation permanently.

In fact, in total, 75,000 $DARK has now been taken out of circulation forever! That’s 75,000 fewer tokens in the world, making each remaining token more valuable and scarce.

By burning the $DARK tokens, we’re creating a deflationary mechanism that will increase the scarcity and demand of the remaining tokens, making them more valuable. It’s a move that demonstrates our commitment to the Dark Frontiers community and its long-term sustainability.

Updated Roadmap

Our team was so pumped up that they went above and beyond what was planned. We launched an amazing influencer livestream where seven streamers played our game in multiple languages on over 10 individual streams. Our community got to see hours of Dark Frontiers gameplay — it was mind-blowing!

And that’s not even the best part! We were supposed to give our most active community members just one pre-alpha access to Dark Frontiers, but we surprised them with two extra play-tests. That’s right — they got an exclusive sneak peek into the game that no one else has seen yet!

Our developers have been working tirelessly to make Dark Frontiers the best it can be, and they’ve added some incredible new features that have raised the bar. Think water on Luna, swimming mechanics, the melee PVP mode, and extra platforming quests — the list goes on! Trust us, you won’t want to miss this!

We’re thrilled to share the latest updates on the amazing features they’re working on. The roadmap will be regularly updated on our new website, so you can stay up-to-date on all the action.

And that’s not all! We’ll also be posting feature articles and videos on our brand-new website, giving you an in-depth look at all the cool stuff our developers are cooking up.

Our team is constantly brainstorming and coming up with new ideas, and we want to keep you in the loop!

We’ve structured our roadmap into clear sections to ensure our community gets a steady flow of honest information on our progress. Rest assured, we’ll be regularly updating new features and improvements, so keep an eye out for updates!

We value your feedback and suggestions, and we encourage you to share your thoughts with us. After all, we’re in this together, and we want to make Dark Frontiers the best blockchain game out there!

We’ve created a roadmap that highlights the main goals of our development journey.

While we couldn’t include every single detail, we’re always happy to answer any additional questions you may have!

In addition, we’re thrilled to share that we’re working on some exciting new features, including a high-budget cinematic trailer for Dark Frontiers, a thrilling gameplay trailer, and some surprises that we can’t quite reveal just yet.

Trust us, it’s going to be an absolutely epic experience!

You can read more about the new roadmap and see all the items here!

PvP Explained

Dark Frontiers is about to get even better with the addition of PvP gameplay! This is going to bring a whole new level of excitement and challenge to the game, and keep us playing for years to come.

Our man Joe straight-up crushed it with the most epic explanatory video. Peep it now:

Exploring Dark Frontiers OST

The soundtracks in games are not just some mundane background noise — they are the secret ingredient that elevates the entire gameplay experience to new heights!

With the power to evoke emotions and set the tone for your gaming adventure, soundtracks are a vital part of any game.

And now, get ready to be blown away by the latest addition to the gaming world — the Dark Frontiers Official Soundtrack!

Get lost in the mesmerizing beats that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout your gaming adventure.

Dark Frontiers Is Everywhere

Dark Frontiers has recently been recognized as a top blockchain game in the BSC ecosystem and showcased in two impressive places!

The biggest Web3 Dapp distribution platform which is also considered one of the most important crypto publications, Dapp Radar:

And an all-in-one amazing platform,, which encompasses both traditional and crypto gaming projects:

Read here!

It’s incredible to be featured alongside some of the most innovative and exciting projects in the industry.

Having Fun While Winning

We can’t get enough of our amazing community and all the love and support you’ve shown us.

That’s why we’ve been racking our brains to come up with ways to say THANK YOU for being a part of our journey.

We’ve started creating puzzles that you can solve using your knowledge of our project.

Not only will you have a blast cracking these brain teasers, but you’ll also get a chance to win some prizes for being such a dedicated member of our community.

Brand NEW Wallpapers

Looking to spice up your device’s background? Look no further!

We’ve handpicked the most mesmerizing Dark Frontiers images to create an amazing wallpaper set that will elevate your screen’s aesthetics.

It’s now just a click away!

Download our stunning wallpaper set and experience the beauty of Dark Frontiers like never before!

Download them here!