Welcome to our latest monthly recap, where we'll explore the most notable highlights from the realm of Dark Frontiers in the previous month. In November, the momentum from October persisted, placing the PVP release at the forefront of all Dark Frontiers updates. Fasten your seatbelts for an exhilarating exploration of the latest developments. Every detail is worth your attention, so let's dive right in!

PVP Early Access Sign Up

As the PVP mode's launch approaches, players now have the opportunity to enroll in Early Access and be among the initial group to immerse themselves in Dark Frontiers' PVP experience.

Haven't signed up yet? Join here!

Dev Update 11 Teaser

While the development team relentlessly introduces updates and features for Dark Frontiers beyond the PVP modes, anticipation builds for an imminent developer update. This teaser offers a sneak peek into what awaits you!

Everything You Need To Know About The PVP Release

For those who might have missed our announcements but wish to grasp all the essential aspects of the PVP release, watch this video. Joe covers all the crucial details you need to be aware of regarding the PVP release!