The moment you’ve all been waiting for is almost here! The second limited play-test and also the first ever pre-alpha access for all suit owners are almost here!

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

November Pre-Alpha Access

The November play-test will be exclusive to our most active community members and contest winners!

Without any further ado — here’s a list of people who have won a spot to play through giveaways and contests:

1. Akihiro Ayukawa — Telegram

2. @ZugmaD_NFT — Twitter

3. @AlexandrVani — Twitter

As for our most active and loyal community members, they were hand-picked by the team and developers:

1. Aleksander — Telegram

2. Windmill — Telegram

3. Duque — Discord

4. Heady — Discord

5. — Discord

6. Tortuga — Discord

7. Suleyman — Telegram

8. Trueno — Discord

9. Zeos — Telegram

10. Sara — Telegram

11. A A — Telegram

12. Mick — Telegram

If any of those selected cannot play, the spot will be given to another member of the community.

This exclusive play-test will take place November 25th-27th.

Start time: November 25th, 1 PM UTC

End time: November 27th, 8 PM UTC

The selected members will be invited to join an exclusive Discord channel where further information will be shared.

Early Access For All Suit Owners

And now for the main event — the first-ever early access for all suit owners! It will be longer than our first play-test and the November play-test and will take place sometime in January.

An early sign-up will be required to gain access, but any suit holder that signs up will be eligible to play. We will continue to share more details about this event as we get closer!

In both the November and January access, all you will need to have is any suit to participate but will be given a custom account with all suits and weapons to fully test out the game. As this is a pre-alpha version of the game no P2E mechanics and not all features of the full game will be present currently and things are subject to change.

Minimum System Requirements

Dark Frontiers keeps getting bigger and better with each and every update. Here are the updated minimum system requirements for PC. The Mac version isn’t currently ready for testing.

Note, that these requirements are only for the pre-alpha development buildas new features are constantly being added. Dark Frontiers system requirements will be optimized as development continues.

  • CPU: Intel i5–9600k 3.70ghz or equivalent
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 8GB or equivalent

Good luck to everyone participating! Keep your eyes open for future announcements and updates on Dark Frontiers’ social media!