The Dark Frontiers Pre-Alpha has recently come to a close and was a huge success! Emotions in the community were running high as we got closer to the start of the long-awaited suit owner Pre-Alpha, and we saw a lot of excitement among our community members.

The Pre-Alpha saw a great turnout and the high level of interest has set the tone for what is expected to be a highly anticipated release. Many players took to our community chats providing valuable feedback to the development team.

The reception of Dark Frontiers was overwhelmingly positive, with players praising its graphics, eerie aliens, and captivating soundtrack. Some community members even took to creating content from the game themselves, sharing screenshots, videos, and even livestreams from the Pre-Alpha.

And our community weren’t the only ones streaming Dark Frontiers during the Pre-Alpha! Joe hopped on Gamestarter’s Twitch and joined in on the fun as well!

The game’s Pre-Alpha showed promise and has left the community eagerly awaiting its official release.

The development team has been hard at work analyzing player feedback and working on improvements for the next phase of development. The team is thrilled with the positive reception of the game and is grateful for the support and feedback from the community.