A brand new patch for the Dark Frontiers PVP mode is now available for download on the Gamestarter Launcher! With this patch comes a variety of new goodies including the release of the Mac version of the game!

Don’t have an account yet? Sign up for the PVP Mode here and don’t forget to follow our official channels for further updates.

Patch Notes

New Platforms

  • Mac Version of Dark Frontiers PVP
  • Crossplay with Windows PC

The sign up process and download process is the same as the Windows version, and you can start the sign-up here.

New Weapons

  • Added 2 New Rifles: LZR Advanced Repeater and LZR Experimental Repeater
  • Added 2 New Pistols: S06 Bulwark Pistol and S09 Bastion Pistol
  • Added 2 New Shotguns: SA30 Blaster and SX60 Blaster
  • Added 2 New Melee Weapons: Scramseax and Langseax

Find them in the PVP Arena Lobby shops!

Visual and SFX Updates

  • Added new visual elements to some spacesuits to distinguish tiers easier
  • Changed laser trails to be more visually pleasing
  • New SFX for new and old weapons

Arena Changes

  • Losing a match now grants you 50 DFCC instead of 0 DFCC
  • Adjusted prices for all items in the shops
  • Changed arena map collisions to restrict players from going out of bounds

Bug Fixes

  • Squashed numerous bugs and issues


With the release of this update, Mac users can finally join the fight in the PVP Battle Grounds, with new weapons, quality of life changes and a smoother experience! Keep your eyes peeled for brand new PVP tournaments coming soon in this brand new release.

For more information on Dark Frontiers, check our official website. Join the Dark Frontiers community on X, Telegram and Discord!