Last week we unveiled the trailer for the Dark Frontiers PVP gameplay mode. Observant watchers of the community may have noticed at the very end a text, displaying that it’s coming soon. So, what does this mean?

PVP Modes

While Dark Frontiers contains multiple different gameplay and story aspects, one of the most popular and talked about features has been the PVP mode. In total, Dark Frontiers has 4 distinct types of PVP:

1. Boxing Arena: Focuses on purely hand to hand, 1vs1 combat
2. Team Deathmatch Arena: The traditional type of arena, where teams of two, three, four, five, and more battle it out as a team
3. Open World PVP Zones: Regular open world zones where PVP is permitted freely.
4. Outpost Siege: The guild/clan mode that is host to massive battlefields for clans to fight over outpost dominance.

PVP Mode Release

As the team knows the community has been itching to get their hands on Dark Frontiers once again, the team decided that instead of the planned limited time Pre-Alpha access, that we would release the whole Team Deathmatch Arena PVP Mode in its entirety.

That means, once released, players will be able to download and play Dark Frontiers PVP whenever they want. No time restrictions, not limits. And in the meantime the development team will be finishing up the main game, preparing for it’s full release.

What Features Will Be Available?

Players will be able play in the Team Deathmatch Arena, where each match one, will yield the DFCC (in-game credit, not token). You will be able to use DFCC to buy new and better spacesuits, and weapons, to increase your chances of winning. You will also be able to level up your characters skills as you continue to play the game.

The Binance Edition spacesuits however will be restricted to only the NFT holders, and they will have access to these suits from the beginning.

Leaderboard, Seasons and Tournaments

The Dark Frontiers PVP mode will be divided into seasons. During seasons we will also hold weekly, bi-weekly and monthly tournaments, where the top players on the leaderboard will earn various prizes like NFTs, $DARK, and more. Detailed information on how seasons and tournaments work will be provided at a later date.

We hope this paints a better picture of what to expect from the Dark Frontiers PVP Mode. We will be revealing more and more information as we near closer to the release, so follow us on X(Twitter) and Telegram to stay up to date!