The Dark Frontiers team recently took to X (Twitter) in yet another live Space dedicated to our new PVP (Player vs. Player) mode release. The Space was packed with thrilling revelations, shedding light on the mechanics, features, and opportunities that await players in this dynamic PVP experience.

In this article, we dive deep into the key takeaways from the Livestream, offering a comprehensive overview of what Dark Frontiers has in store for its players. From the adrenaline-pumping Team Deathmatch Arena to the unique suits and weapons, we break down all the exciting details shared during the Livestream.

You can listen to the whole space here!

Everything You Need To Know

During the X (Twitter) Space about Dark Frontiers' highly anticipated PVP mode, the team shared some exciting insights about what players can expect. First and foremost, the PVP mode will feature a Team Deathmatch Arena, allowing for intense battles ranging from 1v1 showdowns to epic 10v10 conflicts.

One remarkable feature is that players will enjoy unlimited playtime, keeping the action going non-stop. To cater to the competitive spirit, a separate progression system designed specifically for the PVP mode will be introduced, enabling players to level up and earn exclusive rewards.

Furthermore, the PVP mode will include a leaderboard for tournaments, where players can test their skills and compete for coveted prizes. The developers mentioned that this PVP experience will be available in the Testnet Version of the game, with the full mainnet release slated for a later date, building anticipation for the ultimate Dark Frontiers experience.


The X (Twitter) Space shed light on the central role that tournaments will play in Dark Frontiers' PVP Mode, making them the primary focus for players looking to earn valuable rewards. These tournaments will span varying durations, ranging from intense one-week competitions to month-long marathons, offering a diverse range of challenges for players to participate in.

Tournament winners will be determined through the Leaderboard, which will adapt to the specific tournament format, meaning the number of victors may differ from one event to another.

As for the rewards, players can look forward to a dynamic range, including $DARK tokens, rare NFTs, and more, enticing players to sharpen their skills and engage in these thrilling PVP battles for the chance to claim their share of the spoils.

PVP Mode Progression System

We then further delved into the mechanics of Dark Frontiers' PVP mode, highlighting the role of Binance NFT Suits. Owners of these exclusive suits will enjoy immediate access to their prized gear right from the start, granting them a distinct advantage.

For those who don't possess these special suits, a default suit of very low tier will be available to kickstart their PVP journey. An exciting aspect is that everyone will have the opportunity to purchase new suits (excluding Binance suits) and weapons. Both suits and weapons will be tiered, allowing players to progressively enhance and upgrade their gear. It's worth noting that these suits, while customizable, won't be NFTs and won't carry over to the main game, where suits and weapons will be NFTs.

To incentivize competitive play, winning a match in the arena will earn players DFCC (non-token currency), which can be used to purchase, repair, and upgrade suits and weapons, as well as acquire essential supplies like ammo, health packs, and stamina packs.

An added layer of depth comes from each suit and weapon possessing unique passive and active abilities, allowing players to experiment, trade, and fine-tune their loadouts to suit their preferred playstyle. These diverse elements promise an engaging and dynamic PVP experience in Dark Frontiers.


In the FAQ section, the team provided some insightful information. They made it clear that any progress achieved in the PVP mode won't be transferred to the main game, mainly because the PVP mode will be released in testnet, designed for refining and testing the gaming experience. The developers also mentioned that renting suits wouldn't be available at the initial launch, reiterating the focus on the testnet version.

However, players can look forward to earning rewards by participating in PVP tournaments, which adds an enticing competitive element to the gameplay. Regarding the testing of tokenomics, it was confirmed that this aspect would not be included in the initial release, indicating that it might be explored in later updates to ensure a balanced and smooth integration into the game's ecosystem.