We’re thrilled to share plans on taking Dark Frontiers to the next level! The team has worked tirelessly to ensure expectations align with our goals and the community’s needs, and we’re excited to unveil our roadmap for 2023.

To keep everyone informed, we’ll continue mapping achievements on the new Dark Frontiers website. The roadmap will outline what we’ve accomplished so far, update our current status, and offer insight into the future. It will serve as a chronicle on how Dark Frontiers came to be.


We’ll start by celebrating our team’s efforts over the past year and highlight some major milestones we’ve reached. To keep it short, we’ll only focus on key achievements and save you some reading time.

And that’s not all! The team got excited and gave a little more than planned.

First of all, we’ve started an influencer livestream, which was the first time our community got to see in-depth gaming footage. Seven streamers played the game in multiple languages on more than 10 individual streams. The community got to see hours of Dark Frontiers gameplay!

And we’re not done yet! Pre-Alpha access was supposed to be the first peek into Dark Frontiers, but we’ve decided to suprise our community. The most active community members got two extra Play-Tests of Dark Frontiers before the suit owner Pre-Alpha. It can’t get more exclusive than this.

Our devs have also outdone themselves. They love surprises and have implemented numerous game changes that significantly raised overall quality. New features include water on Luna, swimming mechanics, the melee PVP mode, extra platforming quests, and much more!

In Development

Here, we’ll update you on important features our developers are working on. As mentioned before, this section will be regularly updated on the website. Features will be removed from this category once development has been completed.

We’ll also provide you with more detailed explanations in feature articles and videos which will be posted on our new website.

Up Next

This section will focus on features and items that are next in line to be developed. Once completed, a feature from this section will be moved to the In Development stage.

Future Plans

In this section, we’ll overview the features and items further down the development pipeline. We want to give our community an idea of what we’re planning for the future. That said, new ideas will also appear as we gather feedback from our community.

By dividing our roadmap into clear sections we hope to give our community a steady flow of honest information on our development progress.

The team will continue updating new features and improvements regularly. We encourage our community to provide feedback and suggestions as we work towards making Dark Frontiers the best blockchain game in the space!

But Wait, There’s More!

The roadmap covers only the main goals of development, so we couldn’t include every single detail. However you’re always welcome to ask additional questions.

We’re also working on a high-budget cinematic trailer for Dark Frontiers, a new gameplay trailer, and a couple of surprises that we can’t reveal just yet. But we can assure you — it’s going to be pretty epic.

Thanks to your support, Dark Frontiers is turning out to be far greater than initially planned. Keep a close eye on our social media for news and updates!