Earlier this week, the Dark Frontiers team once again returned on Twitter for a live Twitter Space discussion and AMA letting the community know what the dev team has been cooking up in the DF labs.

The team touched on some frequently asked questions from the community, as well as revealing new features, updates and upcoming events for the community!

If you’d like to listen to the full recording of the Twitter Space, you can do so by tuning in here on Twitter.

And now let’s jump into all those exciting details revealed!

PVP Game Modes and Mechanics

Since the start of 2023, PVP has been one of the main focus of the dev team by far. The team has been putting a lot of care and effort into creating an experience that is both fun and challenging. So far, the team has implemented three PVP game modes.

Melee Boxing

You will find the boxing arena in the main outpost. This game mode is a free for all, and winner takes all. To make the melee combat more engaging, the team has added blocking and knoback mechanics, where you will also need to use quick reflexes to dodge out of your opponents way and strike back with force to come out on top. Only hand to hand combat is permitted in this arena, no weapons and no abilities.

Arena Deathmatch

This is arena features the clasic team and solo deathmatch game modes. In the team mode, you’ll be separated into teams of five versus five. You may use all your weapons and abilities in this deathmatch to become victoriuos! The rewards are divided upon the winning team members, or go to the single winner in the solo mode.

The Wilderness

The Wilderness is a open world PVP zone, where anything goes. These locations are set places on the map, where players can freely battle each other if they wish. If you feel unprepared for player encounters its best to find your way around this zone, until you feel confident enough in your power.

Outpost Siege

The last of the PVP game modes is yet to be implemented, but during the space, the team hinted at what the community can expect! This will be a massive guild war type game mode, where two guilds are given their own outpost to defend. This will require guilds to communicate and coardinate strategies if they wish to overcome the opposing guild and capture their outpost!

Crime and Prison System

A new and exciting feature that has been teased in the past is the crime and prison system. In the open world you can defeat other players. Certain areas are protected safezones, like the outposts, where combat is not permitted, but most of the open world areas are open to combat. The more players you defeat the bigger the rewards you get, but also the bounty on you gets bigger. The only way to remove your crime level is to either do a special quest that removes it or be defeated yourself. If another player defeats a criminal player, they will drop all their non-NFT items which can then be picked up. The criminal then respawns in a jail where they will have to serve a time-based sentence, depending on their crime level.

Crafting System

Another big feature that is being implemented is the crafting system. There will be a wide range of different crafting stations dedicated to their own speciliazations and tied to certain skill levels. You will be able to craft NFT items from blueprints and resources you gather in the world, and bosses. Some items will require you to craft additional items before you can craft the final product as well. But that’s not all, as you will be able craft your own supplies as well. While you can buy medical packs, adrenaline shots and other consumable items from stores or other players, crafting them yourself, as long as you have the appropriate skill level, will greatly save your resources.

Metro system

The Dark Frontiers map is huge! Many community members who have already had a chance to play Dark Frontiers know this all too well. As such, the dev team has implemented a metro system on the moon for easier and faster traversal. There are currently three metro stations with one more planned to be added. You will be able to use the metro to get to all the different zones of Luna more quickly, but to do so of course, you will need to buy yourself a ticket first.

New Spacesuits and Binance Suit Visual Upgrade

We have six brand new and unique spacesuits added to the game. These suits, unlike the Binance suits, are unique from one another and serve different purposes as well. And speaking of the Binance suits - the strongest suits in the game deserve to look the best as well, and as such, all Binance suits are receiving a visual upgrade to match their strength. And that’s not all, once we reveal the upgrade, it will come with an additional bonus for Suit holders, so we suggest to hold on to them. You can expect the reveal for this coming soon, this summer!

Quests, Abilities, First Boss, General Polishing, and More

There are of course a lot more features that the devs have been working on, some smaller and some bigger. We’ve added a lot more quests to the game, including a highly requested tutorial quest, as well as continued the main quest storyline, a lot more abilities have been added, as well as special effects to go along side them, work has been started on the first boss of Dark Frontiers, and a lot of time has been spent on polishing the game.

What’s Next

Aside from the continued development and improvement of the game we are working on two stunning trailers to show off the game - one Gameplay and Features focused, that displays the games countless activities and possibilities, filmed in-game and the other trailer - a more story based one, introducing everyone to the story of Dark Frontiers, this one is a CGI trailer.

We’ve been seeing an increase of people in the community asking when will they be able to play Dark Frontiers again. We want give the community a polished expierience with all the new features we’ve added since last time! But we are happy to say that the next playtest is planned for Early Fall. We will be announcing more specific dates and details about it as we approach closer. And of course you can expect the focus to be on PVP this time.

Tokenomics Updates

We also wanted to give a quick update on the DF tokenomics. The team together with our new advisor have been working tirelessly to perfect it and make it the best possible version it can be. While we are working on it daily, it’s not quite ready to be publicly discussed, as things can still change, revamped and updated. Some new additions to the tokenomics even warrant some new gameplay mechanics or game modes. So rest assured, that the community will know all the juicy details about it once it’s ready to be revealed.

AMA Questions

Question 1

@OZadoia - Twitter

Question: Do you have any ideas about what the new planet should look like? Will there be space flights in the future? Do you have a long-term plan and vision for how things should end up? Thank you

Answer: Yes, we do have internal talks about what the next planet could look like, what new mechanics and features it would bring, and how players would travel to new worlds. But right now we are mainly focused on implementing new features and polishing the game so it’s ready for release!

Question 2

@CartmanFromSouthpark - Telegram

Question: Guys, can you answer these 3 questions please.

1) You mentioned about 2 months ago if i am not wrong that there will be Binance Suit upgrade soon. But info got quiet. No upgrade and no new news. Can you tell when it will happen and why is there a delay?

2) How is work with tokenomics going? Are there new info about ideas and some time frame for that?

3) How is work going with API for actual circulating supply going? Any Ideas about when can we expect? Because real circulating supply no gecko and cmc is super important for us as a community and also for new guys who would like to invest.

Answer: Well we’ve touched on the first and second questions in the first portion of the Space, I just wanted to add that there is and was no delay for the Binance suit upgrade. We announced it early so the community knows what to expect and that it doesn’t come as a complete surprise.

As for question 3, I’m happy to say that CMC has accepted our API and our circulating supply and other metrics are upto date on CMC! We’ve also submitted it to Coingecko and our waiting for them to accept as well.

Question 3

@Hassan96728 - Twitter

Question: Are there any hidden or secret areas within Dark Frontier that players can discover?

Answer: Yes there are plenty of secrets to discover on Luna, as one of the key components of the game is to explore and discover the world around you.

Question 4

@Keylo190 - Twitter  

Question: What are the different game modes in the DarkFrontiers, can i involve my friends in the game ? Will it be easily accessible for non crypto gamers also ?!

Answer: Dark Frontiers can be divided into two main spheres - PVE (Player vs Environment) and PVP (Player vs Player)

In PVE you have content such as main and side quests, bosses, exploration, leveling up your skills, hunting aliens and resources, etc.

In PVP, like we talked about we have 3 different game modes currently: Melee boxing arena,  Free for all Arena and team arena, and the Open World PVP zones. And while not specifically a game mode, the crime and prison system is also heavily connected to PVP.

Question 5

@HoneyTJ6 - Twitter

Question: Are there any plans to introduce cross-platform functionality for Dark Frontiers? Will players be able to access their accounts and progress seamlessly across multiple devices and platforms???

Answer: Yes, and in fact this is already a feature. All progress made is tied to your account, not to any particular platform, because PCs and Macs share the same servers, your progress caries over from platform to platform.