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Dark Frotntiers AMA Recap

We recently held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session where we discussed various topics related to Dark Frontiers.

You can listen to the full AMA recording here on Twitter.

The session started with a recap of recent developments, including the launch of our new website, DF Merch, the Marketplace Fee Burn, the 2023 roadmap, and the Pre-Alpha for all NFT owners. We also highlighted the new content such as new areas, aliens, soundtracks, and more that has been released since the start of the year.

We also touched on what our community can expect in the near future, including a stunning cinematic trailer, a brand new dev update video and a new gameplay trailer as well!


The team then moved on to address community concerns about the appreciation of the Binance space suit and the our strategy regarding new suit releases. To clarify - the Binance edition suits will be the most powerful and useful by far of any suits ever released.

Not only will they have the best stats out of all of them, but they will also have the strongest abilities too. And the Gamma suit will be the only suit to have unlimited play time. For the suits to hold and rise in value, the player base needs to grow and this can only be achieved by having more accessible space suits available to the wider audience, which will be considerably weaker than the Binance suits and less useful.

We then discussed Dark Frontiers Lands, their benefits and what’s in store for the future. Like this space suits, Lands main benefits will come from it’s utility inside the game. However, while the game is in development however, the team is working on a plan to rework the Lands to have more utility outside the game as well.


During the AMA, participants asked several questions related to the game's mechanics, staking, tokenomics, burning, collaborations, and play-to-earn mechanisms.

Question 1:

We need a single-way staking in CEX (Gate).


At the moment we aren’t looking into single-way staking, but we will be bringing back LP staking soon.

Question 2:

It turns out that the DFCC token can be exchanged for a dark token in the game?


DFCC is the in-game currency of Dark Frontiers. Last year we published an article about the economy of Dark Frontiers that went into a bit more detail on this. We are currently working on even more detailed tokenomics and in-game economy and will share it with the community as soon as we are able to.

Question 3:

When will the burning of dark tokens begin and how will it happen?


A couple of months ago we had the marketplace fee burn. Other burns not related to the marketplace fee would work the same way as this one. We can’t say exactly when the next burns will take place but rest assured that we are planning an extensive strategy and it will be quite a substantial amount.

Question 4:

Will Dark Frontiers have skins with collaborations? example a suit inspired by Bitcoin or other currencies like Fortnite?


While we don’t have any immediate plans for collaboration suits, this always remains a possibility in the future. We are focusing on developing the game and it’s core features (including new suits), and once those are ready, we can look towards collab NFTs.

Question 5:

How will the play to earn and own mechanism work, besides quests what else is there to do? Also, I have land how can I use it in the game, and when space ship? Also when interplanetary travel?


We answered the first question in a previous question. As for the other questions, besides quests, the end-game of Dark Frontiers is PVP and Bosses, you can refer to the core-gameplay loop we shared a while ago to get a better idea of how it works, but the main idea is that you participate in PVE, like quests and exploration to get stronger, then when strong enough participate in PVP events to get more resources, and finally face off powerful bosses to craft new and better gear.

Spaceships and interplanetary travel are features for later on after the game is released. Think of new planets like DLC, the game releases with a single moon, and future DLC adds more. Dark Frontiers is a long term project that is planned to have constant updates, even after release.

Question 6:

As the vesting is done, what is the plan for the circulating tokens? Will much more be added? I’m looking to purchase much more, but want to know the plans for the circulating supply. If much more will be added or if it will stay at its current number. Thanks!


The current circulation is not entirely accurate at the moment, there are actually more tokens. We are creating an API that will show the true market cap on our website, Coin Gecko, and coin market cap. We just go verified on Coin Market Cap and are in close contact with Coin Market Cap, so this shouldn’t be an issue for much longer.

In conclusion, the Dark Frontiers' AMA session provided the community with some exciting insights into the upcoming future of Dark Frontiers. We are committed to providing our community with a constantly evolving and engaging gaming experience, and are on on track with our roadmap.

Thank you everyone in our community for your continued support!

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