Here at Dark Frontiers, we take our fan-feedback seriously: we are constantly adding updates based on our daily relationships with our community.

Imagine our surprise when, some time ago, one of our long-term backers, who has also invested in $DARK tokens and has been with us from the beginning, vented his skepticism on our Telegram channel!

CryptoSF, our early supporter, had become disillusioned about the project and expressed his doubts on certain aspects of the game being closer to being finished:

These included the development of multiplayer sessions, more variety of enemy aliens, and different environments being ready.

Could we let a dedicated follower turn into a hater so easily? The solution to alleviate CryptoSF’s doubts was simple:

Get him to play our pre-alpha and have him share his opinions after his hands-on experience!

CryptoSF mainly played in the starting base, which is the most polished area so far, and what he saw impressed him.

This is what he had to say to our Telegram followers who asked him for his impressions after the test-drive:

“I find the base very attractive and interesting, and the game was smooth even with the most basic system requirements”.

Of course, this is something that you can only realize by playing the actual game, and quite a few aspects seemed to be way ahead in development than CryptoSF had originally envisioned:

“I loved the graphics. Gearing up for adventure is also another aspect I liked with regards to my testing”.

We knew we almost had him back in the DF fam, and asked him what he thought would improve his morale at this particular moment of development:

“I would like to test more with regards to the fun and excitement aspect of this game.

This project has huge potential for sure: a live AMA with the actual Dev Team would be nice.

Some of us in the community feel it would be nice to know the Dev Team, their background, struggles and experiences, and so on.

Community involvement in creating or naming some of the aliens would also be great for engagement!

But boosting the confidence of the community is the key, and it’s working with me!”

At the end of the test, we were curious to know if we had changed CryptoSF from a skeptic to a DF believer again:

“Do I think the game is fun to play? Yes, most definitely! And it is way ahead of all other similar games that are fighting for a market share in this segment.

I think that DF being a Gamestarter Originals is what makes Dark Frontiers stand out amongst other projects.

I enjoy the clear social communication too, since it builds confidence and this confidence retains the community who supports the project.

Dark Frontiers is definitely worth the wait!”

Here at the Dark Frontiers’ HQ we considered this an all-around victory: we managed to bring CryptoSF back into the DF fam!

As you know by now, we really want you guys to be involved in the development of the game, and our devs have taken a lot of your suggestions to heart.

Some examples? Many aspects of the art and the gameplay have already been adjusted in order to fit more with what you are asking us for: there will definitely be a larger focus on the freedom and choices of each player.

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