Today the Dark Frontiers community has launched on Zealy! Here, members of the Dark Frontiers community will be able to complete a variety of different quests to earn XP! The more XP you earn, the higher chance you will have to win weekly rewards!

How To Sign Up

  1. Head over to Zealy and click “Create an account
  2. Sign up via Discord, WalletConnect or email
  3. Join the Dark Frontiers Community on Zealy (Hyperlink)

Add Your Wallet In The Settings

To make reward distribution even easier, you can add your BSC wallet in the account settings as well.

Types of Quests

Currently at launch the Dark Frontiers Zealy has 5 different types of quest categories.

Join The Community

If you’re not already part of the different social channels of Dark Frontiers, now is the perfect time to join and earn some XP as well!

Twitter Quests

These quests relate to interacting and engaging with content on the Dark Frontiers Twitter. These quests will refresh everytime there is a new post on Twitter.

XP Boost

By logging in to Zealy and heading over to the DF community, you will be able to claim free XP here daily and weekly!

Community Ambassador

For those truly dedicated! Here you can earn XP by inviting people to join the DF Zealy community and by talking about Dark Frontiers on Twitter as well!

Youtube Quests

These quests relate to interacting and engaging with content on Dark Frontiers videos on Youtube. These quests will refresh every time there is a new video on Youtube.

How to Complete Quests

Every quest is different. Just click on a quest and read its instructions and requirements. Some quests will require a previous quest to be completed first. Most quests automatically validate and XP is received almost instantly, other types of quests require to be manually validated by our team. These quests can take some time to complete, but will always be validated before the reward period is over.


The Dark Frontiers Zealy is launching with weekly quests, rewards can and will be dynamic and can be different every week, but not necessarily.

The first weeks prize pool is 200 $BUSD awarded randomly to 10 winners, 20 $BUSD each. The more XP you earn, the higher chance to win!

Just The Beginning

We are extremely excited to be launching our community on Zealy and can’t wait to see it evolve over time! As always, we welcome any and all suggestions for our dedicated community, so feel free to share your ideas and thoughts with the team!