Desiccation zone

Across the sweltering dunes, creatures big and small compete for water and cover, while swirling sand stings the eyes, and malfunctioning alien climate machines bake the lunar surface. The magnetic fields emitted by the machines disrupt navigation technology and irresistibly draw in metallic space junk, scarring the landscape with debris and wreckage.

Reactor zone

Ice crystals form on jagged crags as motes of evaporating reactor coolant hang in the air. Energy from the generator crackles and earths itself, and strange bio-mechanical creatures feed on exposed conduits. An electric hum can be heard everywhere.

Contact zone

Vinelike fungi cling to terrain and technology alike, and their psychotropic spores disrupt sight and senses in a confusing miasma. Lonely amidst the sea of green, small outposts are manned by alien remnants driven mad by hallucinations and isolation. While combat patrols scour the area, unknown terrors stalk the undergrowth.

Containment zone

Flesh and fluids coat the walls, and the howls of distant horrors echo down long-abandoned passageways. Whether activated by human actions or some other signal, ancient biofacilities now churn out organic material, based on corrupted blueprints.

DF World


Luna's landscape is unforgiving, and new arrivals will need to employ grit, cunning and no small amount of blaster fire to carve themselves a place in this new world. Opportunity and danger in equal measure await those brave enough to venture into the strange and colourful new biomes that are slowly spreading across the lunar surface.


Spacesuits are the primary source of protection and life support for lunar colonists, providing shielding from radiation and some kinetic impacts while maintaining a breathable internal atmosphere at the right temperature and pressure for human survival and comfort.

Gamma Suit
Beta Suit
Alpha Suit

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