Dark Frontiers
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Dark Frontiers - Survival and Adventure in Space
2150 A.D., planet earth is destroyed by a nuclear explosion and humanity has been put on the verge of extinction. The only survivors left are those who were in space at the time of destruction and now must find refuge on another celestial body: International Moon Base Alpha is where most survivors seek refuge at first. From here they can see their old home world dwindling before them while escaping to safety with no technology or knowledge beyond what's available within approximate reach. In the aftermath it's every man for himself. Some seek comfort in forming fractions or guilds while most rely only on themselves to survive. 

It doesn't take long for survivors to discover the first signs that point towards a more formidable civilization. The race to find the first artifacts and resources begins as each new planet that is explored has its secrets uncovered. The traces left behind by this ancient civilization are clues that will lead you on a journey across space.
Dark Frontiers is a place where the survivors must be resourceful, imaginative and creative to live.  The game is about survival and mystery in breathtaking but cold and often lifeless sceneries. The name "Frontiers" originates from: borders between the known and unknown. “Dark” refers not only to the emptiness in space, but also to the dark yet beautiful sceneries the player will be exposed to. 

The ancient structures on these planetoids are a geometric puzzle waiting to be solved. The monoliths, left behind by an advanced civilization are covered with imagery that can only hint at their true form.
For those brave enough to explore even the darkest corners of these planets, endless wealth awaits left behind by the creatures that have been inhabiting these galaxies for centuries. 

The players will be exposed to Dark Energies ($DARK) represented as BEP-20s which can be used within the game and are needed for performing actions and quests. 

In a first instance, it helps them forge and own land plots on different planet’s surfaces called "Terra Firma" represented as unique NFTs. Terra Firma translates as dry ground, which forms the new home for survivors after the destruction of earth. 

This paper gives an overview of the Dark Frontiers game mechanics and tokenomics across the galaxy. For more details, please consult the full whitepaper (coming soon).

The First Moon Colonist
The moon has always been a frontier that humans look up to at night. With the potential for wealth and nowhere else to go, it's no wonder so many want their fair share of this dark planet. Colonists quickly start claiming territory in order to farm resources with hopes of eventually venturing off into space.
With the moon being a bit more than one-fourth of earth's surface space, this will be an enviable fight for territories. The greed to own and farm more from these limited resources should drive every action in battle! But the moon is just the beginning, there are many more frontiers waiting to be discovered.

Space Suits
There are many people who think they can achieve the stars, but forget their space suits. Space is dark and cold- with no oxygen for that matter!

Without protection you will die in an hour or two if not sooner due to lack of O2. Suits provide safety while exploring the unknown territory.

Space Rover
When exploring the surface of a planet, you won't be able to get far by foot. Every player will have their own space rover that can explore and conquer land. The most important function of the rover will be to help them extract valuable resources found on that land. This vehicle can move quickly and efficiently, enabling it to extract every last ounce of these newly discovered assets. But be careful - like all equipment in space there's a chance that something might break from time to time. There will be different tiers of rovers, with each one having very unique and exclusive features. Most basic models will be available in our Dark Frontiers marketplace.
NFT Bio Spaceships 
To travel between planets, you need a spaceship. You will also want this place for hosting all your things in one spot so that they don't float around. These highly sophisticated vehicles protect you from any dangers outside as well as low oxygen levels on the moon or other planets you may visit with its help. Astro Vehicles specialize not only in Meteorite Protection but also zero-gravity travel. In order to discover new galaxies and travel further, you will need to constantly improve your spaceship. NFT based merging allows players the opportunity of evolving their bioships in a very unique way. By burning 2 NFTs, an even better vessel can be forged. The original blueprint of both vessels influences the process but the outcome remains random. All merged ships come equipped with their own individual appearances along different specifications that make them fully unique.
Oxygen Stations
Players are free to explore the planet and discover new life-saving technologies and farm for resources, but there is one major setback: if they don't return soon enough their suit will run out of oxygen. If this happens then it's game over for them! The player needs an emergency supply from either recharging stations or back on board their spaceship where they can refill their oxygen levels.
Play to Earn
Crypto economies are reshaping the future of work through play to earn or also known as ‘GameFi’. Dark Frontiers will feature a mineable token called Dark Matter Energy. Dark Matter Energy, in combination with $GAME Tokens and sometimes combined with $DARK Tokens will enable players to forge unique NFTs within the game which players are able to use on their quests of space exploration.  
International Moon Base Alpha, Where it all Begins
When it comes to the moon's surface, there's only a finite amount of space and every inch counts. Crypto farmers are fighting over these limited resources like there was no tomorrow. The first quest has begun: The Battle to Own the Moon and Farming for its Resources!

Land NFTs, also known as ‘Terra Firma’ are represented on the Binance Smart Chain as BEP-721 tokens. There will be a total of ~2,000 land plots available for players to conquer and these new lands await those with enough $DARK Tokens. 

Once all of the moon's territory is under occupation, new colonies can no longer be settled until a player gives up their land plot to reclaim their $DARK Tokens.

Land Ownership on MoonBase Alpha 
The $DARK (BEP-20) Token will be used to forge ‘Terra Firma’ (BEP-721) NFTs. In order to obtain your own land, you must commit 1,000 $DARK Tokens. 

200,000 $DARK tokens will be committed to the staking reward for NFT holders. The farming rewards are paid out per block and are only claimable at the end of 2 month’s worth of harvesting time. 

The moon NFTs are designed with a total supply of 2,000 units. Once all of the available land has been sold, further contributions will not be accepted and only should a player burn their NFT to reclaim their $DARK Tokens then other players will have the possibility to forge a new land plot. 

Users have the chance to claim their staking rewards in the form of $DARK Tokens. The user can then decide to either keep their tokens locked in the NFT for future game play or burn the NFT and reclaim their initially staked $DARK Tokens. 

As the NFTs are built on the BEP-721 standard, they can be transferred to other players and traded freely. For those who are looking for an alternative to the emergency unstaking exit and taking the punishment, the safest way is to just offer it on the open market. 

Space is no Longer the Final Frontier
The survivors of earth quickly claim the available land on the moon and start realizing that not only is it limited, but so are the resources found on the surface. Desperate for survival they turn their attention outward into space in hopes of finding alternative planets. Eager to survive and prevent the extinction of the human race, they use their newly farmed resources to venture off into the galaxy.

As their spaceships and space suits evolve they are able to spend extended periods of time on different plante' s surfaces without dying from the lack of oxygen or by being defeated in battle. Soon enough, land across the universe is no longer scarce but rather resources like oxygen and fuel are. 

Meteor Strikes
The landscape across different planets is constantly changing and is always dangerous; it's not uncommon that players will be struck by meteors while operating their businesses on the dark side of these celestial bodies. Luckily though players can still reap rewards from asteroids located within close proximity as they bring fresh resources into the game which provide alternatives ways farmers might go about maximizing profits beyond just $DARK Tokens alone.

Resources like Dark Ore, Dark Metal and Dark Fuel are new resources that get directly embedded into the land making each plot unique. This allows for further possibility of how you can utilize your Terra Firma at a later stage in the game.

New property distribution to the land will be added via an on-chain RNG, giving this game a truly unique touch and farmers and land hunters a new angle to spot true gems in the NFT market. 

True RPG Gaming
The fight for survival in outer space is a battle of the fittest. Mining and exploration is essential in order to travel across solar systems, finding new worlds or any other celestial body that may exist out there while you're looking for resources needed on your mission. 

​​In this immersive RPG game NFTs are at the core of all gameplay. Players are able to explore new worlds while upgrading their gear and travel deeper into uncharted territory where they may find ancient relics, new resources and expand their land ownership. 

The dark side of the moon is home to creatures who have roamed this planet for centuries. The same applies to other planets in the solar system, which means regular battles between humans and aliens are inevitable. Make sure you have enough Energy as well as an upgraded weapon system if you want to have any chance of survival!

Dark Frontiers DAO
The world of Dark Frontiers is changing every day. The players are in control, deciding what should happen next and how that changes their own experience within the game. Dark Frontiers functions as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in which the community can vote on the future developments of the game using their $DARK Tokens. 

A Galactic Open Economy
The game is fully based on NFTs which will empower true ownership for users. The marketplace in this virtual universe can be found at the heart of it all, where players meet and offer their rare resources to other spacecraft riding adventurers looking to profit from their hard work or just to sell their space junk that lies within their reach. The galactic currency empowering all trade will be Dark Tokens.
Market Size
With $370 billion dollars at stake for physical collectibles alone - including trading cards, games, toys and collectible cars. NFTs will not only continue but also expand into other industries such as video gaming or books where digital tokens can replace traditional centralized approaches. These decentralized blockchain are here to take full advantage of the concept  of the open economy and give participants true ownership over their digital goods. 

In 2020 global transaction volume for NFTs reached about 338 million, while sales numbers are steadily growing across some major marketplace places. NASDAQ's article on the global NFT market states that it could grow 1,000 times bigger over the course of just 10 years. And with all this newfound wealth available in cryptocurrency markets - you might as well set up camp on the dark side of the moon in order to prepare for this lunar landing.

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