Greetings, space explorers! Once more, we gather to review the key updates and events from the previous month. In July, Dark Frontiers had a host of exciting activities, including the Twitter Space Discussion AMA, teasers for new spacesuits and the Binance NFT Suit Visual Upgrade, community events, and more. Let's explore the highlights of July!

Twitter Space

Early in the month, the Dark Frontiers team returned to Twitter, hosting a live Twitter Space discussion and AMA. During the event, they shared exciting insights into the latest developments brewing in the DF labs.

The team addressed several commonly asked questions from the community and also unveiled a range of new features, updates, and upcoming events specially curated for the community!

If you're eager to read the complete recap, follow this link.

New Suits and Binance Suit Visual Upgrade Teasers

Throughout the month, the team teased the new Binance NFT suit visual upgrade as well as some new spacesuits. During the mentioned Twitter Space event, they also shared more details about what to expect, and when it would be revealed, and hinted at an additional surprise for suit owners who keep their spacesuits until the visual upgrade is revealed!

Player Choice in Dark Frontiers

During the month of July, we presented a captivating article highlighting the crucial significance of player choice in the game. The article delved into various options available to players, such as adopting roles like merchant traders, bounty hunters, criminals, and more, each shaping their unique path in the game world. Additionally, players could engage in either smaller PVP battles or take part in grand, large-scale encounters, all of which are intricately tied o the game's economy. And of course that is only scratching the surface of how player choice is involved in Dark Frontiers, so for those eager to explore the in-depth discussion, the full article can be read here.