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Dark Frontiers Monthly Recap: March & April

Welcome back explorers to another Dark Frontiers monthly recap, where we take a look at the most significant developments over the past months. March and April were filled with lots of events, from Season 1 to Gameplay streams, so let’s hop right into all the details!

Season 1

In March, we introduced Season #1 of Dark Frontiers on Discord. Seasons are a new way to interact and get rewards within the Dark Frontiers ecosystem! At the core of seasons are Season Credits, that you earn by participating in season events like In-game Tournaments, Creation Contests, Scavenger Hunts, and more!

You can use these rewards on the Discord through the Marketplace, Raffle and Auction systems! We’ve also reworked the Discord Roles that have additional benefits and discounts in the Season Marketplace

NFT Roles: Land Holder, Crate Holder and Suit Holder  

Token Holder Roles:

$DARK Natopi: 4k $DARK
$DARK Mantisaur : 20k $DARK
$DARK Mawlock : 60k $DARK  

Dark Frontiers Town Hall

The team also gathered on Discord for a Discord Town Hall, bringing the community up to speed on the latest developments of Dark Frontiers and beyond! We not only discussed updates from the MMORPG section and PVP but we also held a lengthy AMA as well to answer any and all questions the community had!

You can read the whole recap here.

PVP Update + Mac Version

We also launched a new content update for the PVP mode of Dark Frontiers, including updated suits, new weapons and QOL updates. The Mac version of Dark Frontiers also finally made its debut! Read the full patch notes here.

Community Milestones Tournament

The Dark Frontiers Community Milestones Tournament went live in April. The community choice tournament prompted everyone to play matches, win and reach the milestones together as a community to receive rewards for everyone!

The tournament started on April 3rd and ends on May 10th, 1PM UTC

Rules and Conditions:

  • Each match won counts towards the community goal.
  • If a match is played 10v10, the winning team (10 people) earn a total of 10 points towards the milestone.
  • If the community reaches a milestone, only players who actively played will get rewarded (i.e. playing only a few matches during the whole tournament doesn’t count).
  • DFCC and Resource Pack milestones will be awarded with the full launch of the game
  • Only players visible on the leaderboard when the tournament ends will receive Weapon NFTs, if the match milestone is reached
  • Any unsportsmanlike conduct, cheating, use of duplicate accounts to boost your wins, etc. is prohibited and can result in a ban or suspension, and disqualification from the tournament and rewards

There’s still time to participate! Don’t have an account? Don’t worry - sign up here!

DF Gameplay Showcase on Discord

In April, the team took to Discord again, this time presenting a gameplay stream of the Dark Frontiers MMORPG section. We went over new features and locations that haven’t been showcased before and stuck around for an after stream AMA!

Missed the showcase? Check it out here!

PVP Game Night With The Dev Team

Finally, last week the team invited the community to go for an all out PVP game night! The community was joined by the community managers and developers from Dark Frontiers to see who had the best aim! Participants and top players got rewarded with Season Credits that they can exchange for various DARK goodies.If you missed the Game Night, don’t worry, there will be more to come!

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